Testimonials 2003-2002

Mr. & Mrs. Neufeld

Married: October 2, 2003

From: Maui, Hawaii


Thank you. All my dreams came true today. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not have asked for anything more. You were right on the ball and on the money. I really truly appreciate everything you have done. I just wanted to thank you.

Mrs. Judy Neufeld

Mr. & Mrs. Partic

Married: September 7, 2003

From: Washington, USA

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Dear Leah & Judah,

Thank you so much for all you did for the wedding! The beach was beautiful, restaurant was wonderful, the food and cake were great and the George did an awesome job with the pictures! The Flowers were beautiful as well. We could not have asked for anything nicer than what we got. Everyone had a wonderful time and were all so pleased with how it all turned out. How fun that you know Shad and Amy!! It was lovely working with you and hope to hear from you again.

Thanks Again! Toby & Lacey

Mr. & Mrs. H

Married: August 23, 2003

From: California, USA

Aloha Leah,

We just got the pictures from George yesterday and they were incredible. We were also extremely happy with the video from Dave. Both guys were awesome, and their work exceeded our expectations. We were also very happy with the minister.

Anyway we're extremely happy with everything. We had high expectations and everything turned out even better than we expected. You did a great job. Thanks so much.

Best Regards,
G & M

Mr. & Mrs. Warnken

Married: July 27, 2003

From: Washington, USA

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We had such a special day and give you much thanks for making it so wonderful! We watched the wedding video on the plane ride home and both got a little teary eyed. It was so relaxing knowing that you were there making sure that everything ran smoothly. I've often heard of how frazzeled brides can be on their wedding day, but thanks to you it was one of the most relaxing days in a long time. We even had the opportunity to enjoy being with our guests!

Much thanks again for everything
Melissa & Chad



It's been nearly 6 1/2 years since our wedding in 03 and we were watching the video this morning with our two boys. I just wanted to drop you a line again and say thanks again for how special everything turned out. "The Gang" (our group of friends) still talks about how wonderful the wedding & reception were! I hope that someday Michelle (one of the catering staff) will know how much her impromptu dance meant to us! Thank you again for the years of memories and I wish you and your family as much happiness as you have brought to those you've helped!

Melissa Warnken
Received on September 26, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Carlisle

Married: July 18, 2003

From: Washington, USA

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Matt and I cannot thank you enough for all your help in making our wedding day more perfect and beautiful than we could have ever imagined! We were both so pleased. I was not once stressed about anything even when the road was shut down because I knew that you could not start without me! How ironic was it that there was a fire that shut down the road and I was about to marry a fireman? That is a funny story!
Sarento's was exceptional! The service and food was wonderful. We also really loved our minister, Vance. He was so great! You really made our day unforgettable. I just can't stop talking about everything!!!! Everyone at our wedding can't stop talking about it either. I think that it is now my mission to get everyone to come to Maui to get married and I will definitely recommend you:-)

Thank you again!
Matt & Kelly Carlisle

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Married: June 7, 2003

From: Maui, Hawaii

Dear Leah,

We wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” for the beautiful job you did for our wedding! It truly was the best day of our lives and you made it perfect! You attentiveness and thoughtfulness will never be forgotten! We hope you and your family are happy and healthy.

Love, Heather & Matt

Mr. & Mrs. Coplin

Married: May 5, 2003

From: Oregon, USA

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Hi Leah -

I wanted to thank you for all that you did to make our wedding just spectacular. The site was perfect and we liked the reverend a lot. The food was excellent and the service from SeaWatch was very friendly and accommodating.

Thanks again for everything you did. We have such great memories.

Rebecca and Mark

Mr. & Mrs. Palleschi

Married: April 27, 2003

From: California, USA

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We can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did coordinating our wedding. You made our dreams come true and we are forever grateful. Thanks for every little thing you did.

Love – Yanti & Mike

Mr. & Mrs. Blattner

Married: April 24, 2003

From: California, USA

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Aloha Leah!

Thank you for sending the engraved flutes. We finally received them late last week. We appreciate all your help with our wedding. You did a great job coordinating the event.

Many Mahalos!

Bob and Elaine

Mr. & Mrs. Meyer

Married: March 28, 2003

From: Oregon, USA

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I love seeing our pics on your web site. George was wonderful to work with and we had so much fun. Thank you for hooking us all together. The video is perfect. I can't watch it without remembering all the special details. Also, everyone we show it to is so impressed with Vance. We loved getting married on Maui!

Peggy & Keith


Aloha Leah!

Believe it or not, I still check your website for new additions. The musical addition is wonderful! Congratulations on making your website even better than before. Keith and I (March 28, 2003) still talk about our great wedding on the beach. Our friends are wonderful and love it when we drag out our pictures....that George, he is a great photographer... We still love our little place at Kahana Sunset and usually make it over to Makena once a visit. I always secretly hope to find you there with some other lucky couple. This Christmas we will bring my mom and sister along, so once again, we will head to 'our beach' as we now call it. Thanks for all the great memories!

Peggy Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Fluegel

Married: March 3, 2003

From: California, USA

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Dear Leah,

Thank you so very much for all of your efforts to make our day special. We enjoyed being in Maui for our wedding and honeymoon. We are planning to renew our vows in 10 years with our children ( hopefully) not yet…. Though. Everything was beautiful just as we wanted.

Theresa Fluegel

Mr. & Mrs. Stoner

Married: February 22, 2003

From: Utah, USA

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Dear Leah,

Kevin and I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on our wedding and reception. Everything was beautiful. We loved Jesse and our guessed "raved" about him. We had no idea he was going to sing and everyone loved it, they all mentioned how wonderful it was. Our reception centerpieces were "exactly" what I had in mind. They turned out wonderful, so beautiful and many of our guests again, complemented us on them. Thank you for capturing the feel I explained and altering the picture I sent to fit with our colors.

We and all of our guests "LOVED" the Sea Watch. The food was amazing and their staff did such a wonderful job. I knew when I saw that many of your clients used the Sea Watch it had to be great and I am so happy they were available.

Thank you again, best wishes and take care.
Julia and Kevin Stoner

Mr. & Mrs. Hearne

Married: January 12, 2003

From: Washington, USA

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I do not want the sun to set one more day without thanking you again for making our wedding day so perfect! We are now back to our busy lives (super duper busy) and I have not taken the time to follow-up with a "thank you note".

I do apologize for this late one. I can't tell you how pleased we were with every one of your vendors and all of your efforts. We are truly satisfied "customers", as well as (now!) blissfully wed.

Thank you so much,
Laurie Corsi

Mr. & Mrs. DeLarge

Married: November 30, 2002

From: California, USA


Thank you again for all of your hard work in putting together our wedding. We were so thrilled with the way everything turned out. Our guests cannot stop raving about how beautiful everything was. We couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks! Deanna (Miller) DeLarge

Mr. & Mrs. Masterangelo

Married: November 14, 2002

From: Yukon, Canada

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Dear Leah,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all that you did. The day was perfect! We and all our guests are taking many memories home with us.

Tracy & Dean Mastrangelo

Mr. & Mrs. Quon

Married: October 5, 2002

From: California, USA

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Hello Leah,

Just want to drop you a quick line to say Thank You for all your work on our wedding (October 5, 2002 - Seawatch). Everything was beautiful and just as we dreamed. Please pass our gratitude to all the vendors including Seawatch (especially Kennan, also Jennifer), Brother Al, Dave, George, Alan, and the ceremony musicians. All of our guests are still talking about how beautiful everything was from the ceremony to the last dance of the night. Also, a special thank you for the beautiful flowers throughout the day. You did a fabulous job with all the flowers, especially the bridal bouquet and the reception centerpieces. They were beautiful sights we will not soon forget.

Thank you again for everything you have done for our wedding. Best Regards,
Carolyn and Ed

Mr. & Mrs. Dean

Married: August 14, 2002

From: California, USA

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Dear Leah,

Just wanted to say thank you again for one of the most beautiful days of our lives. We will have such wonderful memories forever.

Thanks Again,
Sherry Dean

Mr. & Mrs. McNeil

Married: July 1, 2002

From: Alaska, USA

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This is a testimonial the Mother of the Bride wrote to one of our upcoming brides as a reference:

Hi Jen!

Leah was the planner for our daughter, Tiffany’s wedding this past July. I cannot say enough good things about her. She did a fantastic job!! We had approximately 50 guests and all who attended have wonderful memories. Tiffani is the 5th of our 6 daughters to marry so we have lots of wedding experience. In fact, our first son was married Feb. 1 so we have already had another wedding since the on in Maui.

All of our family would tell you this was the most enjoyable wedding we have had. The wedding was in a beautiful setting, Leah kept it right on schedule, the dinner was absolutely delicious, the entertainment was superb, the photos were outstanding and one of the best things is the wonderful video that was done (I only wish we had continued the video into the reception dinner for a while).

Leah arranged for every little thing we needed and worked quite well with me on the expenses. She did all of this while having a very bad staff infection in her foot. Marriage vows are very important to our family and we specifically requested that she do all that she could to make sure that the ceremony and reception would be pleasing and glorifying to God. She did that and was very patient with me as I worried about letting her control the whole affair (I’m used to doing that myself). The wedding started at 5:00p. The wedding music was provided by a lovely harp and flute – which I’m sorry to say I can’t remember hearing, but I was told that it was lovely. We brought our own minister and he was delighted with some of the Hawaiian traditions that Leah suggested for the wedding ceremony, like giving leis to every guest. The flowers were breathtaking. While the couple was being photographed on the beach and in the sunset, the rest of us had cocktails and started dinner. The Bride and Groom were escorted into the reception in Hawaiian tradition by conch shell blower and hula girls, followed by fabulous Hawaiian entertainers which was which was quite a treat for many of the guests who had never been to a luau, but everyone enjoyed the show. After the delicious wedding cake and some family entertainment and toasts, a DJ gave us a couple of hours of dancing. We were done by about 10:30 and the bride and groom left in a lovely limo for there honeymoon.

That’s most of the highlights (probably more than you wanted to know sorry). Feel free to ask if you have further questions. May God bless your wedding and your marriage as he did Tiffany and Kevin’s.


Mr. & Mrs. Marquis

Married: June 9, 2002

From: California, USA

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Aloha, Leah,

I can not thank you enough for all of your help with our perfect wedding! Jessie is the best that I have ever experienced. He is so wonderful. The photo crew was fantastic, and my flowers were beautiful! The pictures came out better than I expected with a photophobic groom and not to mention our ever so "helpful" guests. The pictures turned out so well and the video is breathtaking!! I can not say enough nice things about your staff!! Did I mention how our limo and special driver was the best ever!! Our wedding dinner was fantastic, and the cake was super.

I hope this note finds your foot feeling better and a smiling Trevor at your side.

Blessings, Carolyn

Mr. & Mrs. Schultz

Married: May 21, 2002

From: Massachusetts, USA

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Hi Leah,

Things have been so hectic here since we returned from Maui, that I haven't even had a chance to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the wedding. We're getting ready to transfer jobs and move to Connecticut, so it seems we haven't had a moment's rest since stepping off the plane--which makes us even more depressed that our vacation is over!

We both wanted to thank you so much for the excellent wedding you organized for us. The White Orchid was absolutely beautiful--the views were spectacular--so much better than online pictures could do it justice! Your flower arrangements were gorgeous, exactly as I had imagined! All our female guests wished they could have taken some flowers back to the mainland with them! And Al was just as kind and wonderful as you said he would be--he made us both feel so at ease, as if we were the only two people on the island. Tell George that we loved the way he took us away to Secret Beach to take pictures. We saw the proofs and he sure knew what he was doing!!! We can't wait to get our photo-album!

Thank you again, Leah...and thank you for the card...it was our first piece of mail that had our married names on it!

Take care! Kathy and A.J. Schultz

Mr. & Mrs. Miller

Married: April 6, 2002

From: California, USA

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Thank you so much for everything you did for Scott and I to make our wedding a day we’ll never forget. W both feel like our ceremony was PERFECT! We loved George and had a fabulous time with our family at SeaWatch.

Thanks again for all your efforts

Scott & Michelle Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Harrion

Married: March 24, 2002

From: Washington, USA

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Dear Leah,

John and I want to thank you again for helping make our wedding so special and so beautiful. We truly appreciate all your efforts coordinating everything. We thought Jesse was wonderful and honestly felt the warmth of aloha when he spoke. You also did a fabulous job with the flowers! They were more gorgeous than I had even imagined and helped make everything so beautiful. The pictures turned out well, George was great. The dinner in the Lobby Mezzanine was great too (although somewhat chaotic with my family’s small ones!) The servers/waitresses were very helpful and professional at the Kea Lani. We loved the Kea Lani too! As you can tell our wedding was everything we hoped for and we thank you for all you did to help make it that way. I can’t wait to rave about it to those who weren’t there!

Aloha - Heather & John

P.S. Everyone loved the Feast at Lele I will definitely recommend it to anyone I know going to Maui!

Mr. & Mrs. Gunderson

Married: March 21, 2002

From: BC, Canada

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Well, here we are in somewhat chilly Vancouver missing Maui!! Thank you so much for all of your work to help us have such a lovely wedding day. The KeaLani is spectacular, the dinner was amazing. I don’t think you would have seen any but Junipers pictures were great too! She got one of those bamboo florals you made us too! Thank you once again-

Kirsten & Arlin

Mr. & Mrs. McDonald

Married: February 2, 2002

From: Nova Scotia, Canada

Dear Leah,

Thank you so much for helping us celebrate our special day. We could not have asked for a more touching ceremony and beautiful setting. It was magical. You make everything so easy and worry free. We wish both you and your family all the best.

Sallie & Chuck McDonald

Mr. & Mrs. Brown

Married: February 2, 2002

From: California, USA

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Aloha Leah and Judah!

Charlie and I received our wedding album last week and are thrilled with the finished product. The photos served as great reminders of how absolutely perfect our wedding day was. When you think about weddings, you usually don't picture a low stress day, but our wedding day was just that! Everything was perfect, right down to the whales breeching in the background.

There is nothing in this world quite as beautiful as a Hawaiian sunset, which made just a fantastic backdrop for our special day. Thank you for taking the time to make our wedding one of the best and most memorable days of our lives. Charlie and I were lucky to have found you. We will never forget our Maui wedding.

Karen Brown

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