Testimonials 2007-2006

Mr. & Mrs. Aspell

Married: December 13, 2007

From: East Sussex, England

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Hi Leah,

Many thanks for all your help organizing our wedding, we had a fantastic day.

Thanks very much,
Dave Aspell

Mr. & Mrs. Higgins

Married: December 6, 2007

From: Texas, USA

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Dear Leah,

Thank you for your help on our wedding! It all turned out perfect, I married my best friend! The B&B was so beautiful in the garden, We are so happy that the rain stopped just in time! Thanks for that music CD, its great! Best of luck to you and thanks again!!

Tracy & Sean Higgins

Mr. & Mrs. Little

Married: November 30, 2007

From: NSW, Australia

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Dear Leah

Belinda and I have returned home from what was a wonderful Weddingmoon. We would just like to extend our warmest thanks to you for ensuring that everything went so smoothly. We were delighted with the day and are very much enjoying our photos from George..........

Many thanks
Craig and Belinda Little

Mr. & Mrs. Hafalia

Married: November 17, 2007

From: California, USA

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Dear Leah,

Thank you so much for helping create our very special day. That was really fun and if we could do it again, we would do it in a heartbeat. May God bless you in all that you do and we hope to stay in contact with you or send more future weddings to you. Thanks again.

Sheri Lyn & Michael Hafalia

Mr. & Mrs. Best

Married: November 10, 2007

From: Kentucky, USA

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Wanted to thank you for a great wedding! Everything was perfect and went off without a problem; definitely could not have done it without you!! We also have received both our pictures and the video and were impressed with all of it. I giggled during almost the entire wedding and have been told that I was the happiest looking bride anyone has seen!! Thanks for a wonderful day - we couldn't have asked for anything more!!


Mr. & Mrs. Michalak

Married: October 28, 2007

From: California, USA

Dear Leah,

I don't know where to begin in thanking you for making my wedding day so beautiful and perfect. You were so warm and welcoming and it made my day so much more special to feel like you were just part of the family.

When I received the phone call that it was raining on Makena, you simply said, just a little bump in the road, and that is exactly what it was. No big deal, wedding location changed, and it was even more perfect then expected.

Your flowers were beautiful, my bouquet and the arch, WOW, was amazing. Everyone just couldn't stop talking about how amazing the flowers were.

Coming to a place I had never been and literally doing everything via, internet pictures and emails the day turned out perfect. You had a great website that really gave me a true feeling for how the day was going to be. I feel like I went into the day just hoping that everything would turn out the way I envisioned it and it was beyond my expectations.

I promised a picture and this is just the first of many. My photographer is not quite done editing them all yet. I will send you one that I have. I think it's great because it shows your beautiful arch and Kimo. Who by the way was amazing! Everyone loved him too, especially grandpa.

My deepest thanks for making my dreams come true!

Sarah Hilliard (Michalak)

Mr. & Mrs. Folsom

Married: October 20, 2007

From: Oklahoma, USA

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I'm sorry it has taken so long but I wanted to send you a huge thank you! Our wedding day, site, flowers - everything - was perfect! We are both so glad we chose Maui and your agency to help us make our day perfect. It was so intimate and relaxing, I can't imagine that we'd change a thing. We are also very pleased with our pictures and the lady who did my hair. Thank you again for all your help - I highly recommend your service to anyone in need!

Much love,
Chris and Jenny Folsom

Mr. & Mrs. Zalewski

Married: October 1, 2007

From: South Carolina, USA

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Dear Leah Robb & Husband,

Sherry & I want to say a big thank you for your CD. It was so good to hear from you again. Thank you for your gift and all that you did for us to make our wedding so special. The photo’s (All 500) were absolutely amazing – especially the sunset shots. Our wedding CD has brought tears to our eyes and to many who have seen it. Your production company did an exceptional job on the wedding CD. The editing, music and flow were truly amazing. We will be glad to be a reference for your company anytime called upon. God bless you both!

Jeff & Sherry Zalewski

Mr. & Mrs. Haeberle

Married: September 27, 2007

From: Washington, USA

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Hope you had a nice vacation in California, We were so pleased with the wedding on Sept 27th and with David Hessemer, he took such wonderful pictures for Terri and David. Thank you for putting on a wonderful wedding for Terri and David. Also want to say again how beautiful the flowers were.

Roger Jones (Bride's Family)

Mr. & Mrs. Womble

Married: September 13, 2007

From: California, USA

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Hi Leah,

Scott and I just returned from our honeymoon and wanted to say thank you for all you did for us. Our wedding was just perfect thanks to you. We really appreciate all your help over the past 9 months of planning and for all you did the day of the wedding. All in all, it was so nice...I will be sure to pass along your name to all brides I come across who are getting married in Maui. Thanks again for everything.

Thanks again,
Jen & Scott

Mr. & Mrs. Okuma

Married: September 8, 2007

From: California, USA

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I can't even begin to thank you for making our dream wedding a reality! You made the process completely worry free and the end result was amazing. I will never be able to thank you enough for providing us such a beautiful day, memory, and the start of our new life!

Thank you!
Janelle & Matt Okuma

Mr. & Mrs. Crowe

Married: August 22, 2007

From: BC, Canada

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Dear Leah,

Thank you very much for all your time and patience, as well as all the effort you have put into planning and organizing our wedding and reception. You have made the planning process run so smoothly and in turn made this such a stress free experience. Once again we appreciate everything you’ve done! Best of luck in the future!

All our love,
Ashleigh & Luke Crowe

Mr. & Mrs. Laurel

Married: August 8, 2007

From: California, USA

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Thank you so much for all your help. It was such a beautiful day, and for Miyeko and I the best day of our lives so we thank you for helping to make that happen. ........ Thank you again, and expect another e-mail from Miyeko in a week or so once we're back home in California because I know she wants to thank you again as well. All of our family and friends had such a great time, and the day went off without a single hitch!


Mr. & Mrs. Jacques

Married: August 6, 2007

From: Alberta, Canada

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Aloha Leah,

Andrew and I are so grateful for all the work you did to make our day so special. Instead of being consumed with all the details and overwhelmed with the list of things to do, my family and I were able to truly enjoy the day and experience it the way it is meant to be. I had complete faith in you and everything was done so beautifully. Throughout the whole planning process, corresponding with you from miles away was simple and you were so accurate and quick to respond.

It was such a pleasure and treat to deal with you as you are so sweet and genuine that it felt so good on the day of the wedding to leave everything to you and have Andrew and I really take in the moments of it all.

It touches me every time I look back at our photos and what a wonderful day it was.....all thanks to YOU!!!

Take care and all the best to you and your family.

Andrew & Joanna Jacques

Mr. & Mrs. Metz

Married: August 1, 2007

From: Ohio, USA

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We just wanted to express our gratitude for everything that you did for Kevin and I. we received our photos and video and they were unbelievably beautiful, they would not have been without you. Everything from helping pick the perfect beach spot to making the beautiful wedding bouquets--it was perfect. Even when the wedding got started a little late you made sure everything fell into place. Even when there were worries that it could rain you calmed our fears. It made the biggest difference to have someone we could depend on to have everything perfect, especially since we were thousands of miles away in Ohio. Thank you so very much from the bottoms of our hearts for making our wedding the most beautiful and memorable we could ever imagine.


Mr. & Mrs. Punzulan

Married: June 29, 2007

From: Connecticut, USA

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Hi Leah,

I'm not sure where to start our thank you. Arriving on Maui to the largest fire the island has seen, was a stressful start for us. Then finding out the fire was in the town that the wedding was to be in. A bit more stress. Then finding out the fire, after two days, hadn't stopped burning. And that the wedding was going to have to be moved. It was enough to brake all of us. Not once did you ever let Jake or I know how hard you were working to pull off this wedding. You made it all seem stress free. I don't know what we would have done without you. We are truly blessed to have found you. My guests couldn't stop complementing what a wonderful job you, your husband, and all of those involved did. Our friend even said," Someone's going to have to get married on the moon to top this wedding!" After talking to some locals, we were told that only a few could have pulled off what you did, and that you probably called in a ton of favors to do it. So THANK YOU LEAH! I'm honored that you called in favors to make our day happen. You've got some great people on your team, please thank them again for us.

Much love, Angela and Jake

Mr. & Mrs. Camacho

Married: June 25, 2007

From: California, USA

Dear Leah,

Thank you so much for everything you coordinated from the minister, harpist, chairs, flowers, cider toast and especially the location South Maluaka Beach Park. We’ve had out photographs printed and the beach background is beautiful. Our guests were very impressed with the minister and harpist. It was such an emotional celebration for us and the family as you may remember our son could not contain himself. Our certificate will be proudly displayed along with our other 25th anniversary mementos. The flowers were so beautiful that I brought them back to California where I will dry them and include them in our scrap book. We appreciate all you did for our 25th wedding anniversary renewal June 25- 2007. Continued success in your business and prayers for you and your family and most of all your health!

Eva Camacho
Whittier, California

Mr. & Mrs. Washburn

Married: June 23, 2007

From: Florida, USA

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Sorry it has taken me so long to give you feedback about our special day. The beach was perfect, the flowers were beautiful, Kimo was awesome, and George took great photos. The album that George created is beautiful and very unique! We miss Hawaii and I can't wait to visit again..........

Jennifer and Mike

Mr. & Mrs. Escalante

Married: May 31, 2007

From: BC, Canada

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Dear Leah,

We would like to thank you for everything you did to make our wedding stress free and memorable. We and all our guests had an amazing time! It was wonderful to finally meet you in person. We were very sorry you couldn't be there for the ceremony but Sandy did a great job at answering any questions we had regarding the wedding. Please also thank her two very adorable helpers. I was very nervous and their smiles were really calming to see right before the wedding ceremony. We would also like to mention how much we and the rest of the guests enjoyed our wedding officiate, he was a breathe of fresh air when it comes to wedding ceremonies. Everyone is still talking about how great he was at the ceremony! Thanks also for organizing all the wonderful women for our spa day and also a special thanks to my makeup and hair lady. She did an amazing job for someone who had just met me the day before! We also would like to let you know how much we both enjoyed George's pictures and his great sense of humor. We can't believe everyone we dealt with was so great! Wishing you all the best for your health and family.

Nindy & Tomas Escalante

Mr. & Mrs. Scarola

Married: May 12, 2007

From: Washington D.C., USA

Hi Leah!

We just got the CD and I can't thank you enough. As soon as the first song started, it was like we were back at the Ho'oilo House. We both felt like the wedding was perfect for us and exactly what we wanted. Thank you for making sure everything went smoothly. We hope to return for many anniversaries to come. I hope that this finds you well and fully recovered from your surgery.

Thank you again and take care,

Mr. & Mrs. Chang

Married: February 22, 2007

From: California, USA

Hi Leah,

I wanted to echo my sentiments onto you as well. I know you’re probably swamped with a ton of weddings, so not even sure if you remember us ;-) Anyway, Tammy and I never got a chance to thank you for all your hard work. You truly made our wedding day the most special time of our lives. In fact, many of our guests commented that it was the best wedding they had ever attended (though I’m sure the location didn’t hurt!). We appreciated your professional, but very personal touch. And your attention to detail was absolutely immaculate. Again, I’m not sure if there’s anything that we would change. As with Tad, I would not hesitate to send any of our friends or family your way if they are planning a wedding or event in your neck of the woods. We will know that they will be in good hands.

Mahalo! Jeff & Tammy

Mr. & Mrs. Baldock

Married: February 2, 2007

From: Washington, USA

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Hi Leah,

.....By the way... the wedding was absolutely amazing! I cannot thank you enough for making the whole process stress free.....

Thank you so much,
Bonnie Blank

Mr. & Mrs. Gomez

Married: January 28, 2007

From: California, USA


David and I just wanted to send you a heartfelt note of thanks for all that you did to help make our day go so smoothly. We have also, since our return, received the fun CD as a memoir -- it is exactly those little details that you handled for us that we are so grateful for!

Than you again for everything! Emily & Davis Gomez
Jan. 28, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Cheung

Married: November 26, 2006

From: Alberta, Canada

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Thank you for your assistance in making our special day worry free & relaxing. As the bride, I definitely can say I was not stressed....not sure if I can say the same for Peter. Also thanks for the music CD. It's a wonderful gift & memento of you & your work.

Linda & Peter Cheung

Mr. & Mrs. Hill

Married: October 27, 2006

From: Florida, USA

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Please accept our sincerest, most heartfelt thanks for coordinating our wedding. From beginning to end, you made our planning virtually stress fee, something we appreciate more and more now that we are planning our reception! Thank you also for the dream bouquet – the callas were absolutely perfect, and I took a ton of pictures of the bouquet along, I loved it so much! The entire day was truly magical and we couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful place to be wed than Maui. Thank you for helping to make it happen.

Amy Orris & Jonathan Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Eskelin

Married: October 14, 2006

From: Alaska, USA

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Aloha Leah!

We wanted to thank you so much for helping arrange our Hawaiian wedding. Working with you in the months before our "big day" was lots of fun, and you totally put me at ease as we sorted out all the details. We felt so surrounded by love that day, not only with our family’s presence, but because of your attention, too.

Sometimes people we welcome into our lives are merely spectators, especially when you know they have many other weddings being planned at the same time as ours. You definitely became more that a spectator in our lives! We can't thank you enough for going that extra mile to make our wedding, and then our reception perfect. I really didn't expect you to shed blood for us! I do hope your finger is better now!!

I also don't know exactly what you did to hold the rains off until the next day, much less the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that welcomed us on our first morning as husband and wife! It certainly was a memorable time on Maui, many thanks to your effort to make October 14th very special. I nearly cried when we left Maui for our honeymoon on Big Island and realized I had to leave my GORGEOUS orchid bouquet behind!

Our honeymoon week on the Big Island was amazing, and I have decided that there really isn't a place anywhere on the islands of Hawaii not filled with Aloha, that sweet, genuine love for life and each other. Even the green sea turtles seem perfectly content with anyone swimming in their coves!

Todd and I are home in Alaska now, there is a foot of snow on the ground and negative temperatures, but the memories of that balmy evening at the Sunset Beach House still keep us warm.

Mahalo nui loa,
Leah and Todd Eskelin

Mr. & Mrs. Wells

Married: October 14, 2006

From: Washington, USA

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Hello Leah,

Sorry it took awhile for me to get back to you, we were having a hard time pulling ourselves away from the pool and beach to do anything constructive. Thank you for all your help with the wedding, it was such a wonderful day for us and everything was beautiful and just the way we wanted. We were still eating cake until this past Monday, and it was the best!.....

Thank you so much!

Mr. & Mrs. McAuley

Married: September 16, 2006

From: Washington, USA

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Aloha Leah!

Rory and I want to thank you again for the BEAUTIFUL wedding last weekend. We're so happy! As I said, the wedding was beautiful and we're very happy We're honeymooning on Kauai right now, having the time of our lives. Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Mahalo, Karen and Rory

Mr. & Mrs. Artnak

Married: August 26, 2006

From: California, USA

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Hi Leah,

Finally got a chance to sit down and email you and tell you how much I appreciated how beautiful our ceremony was and how nice everyone was that we worked with. We loved our photos by David and the minister was so memorable with his wording and intimate nature. We cant say Thank you enough for providing us with a truly special day! You are going to be one of my most recommended for anyone I know who gets engaged!

Look forward to seeing us on your site as a past wedding!!
Kimberly & George Artnak

Mr. & Mrs. Riley

Married: July 11, 2006

From: Arizona, USA

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Thank you so very much for everything! Our day turned out so great. I wouldn't change a thing. You are incredible! It was so nice to know that everything was taken care of exactly how we wanted it. I will recommend you to any friends that decide to run away & get married in Maui! Thanks to for the CD! We love it.

Deborah & Nick Riley

Mr. & Mrs. Diehl

Married: June 30, 2006

From: New York, USA

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Aloha Leah!

I am writing to tell you THANK YOU !! I have to admit it was a little nerve racking to plan such an important day from thousands of miles away. However, I would do it all over again in a second as long as I had you to help me!

We had such an amazing time in Maui and our wedding was even more beautiful then I could have ever imagined. I was not stressed at all and everything was so perfect it was almost scary!! From the beach location to my beautiful Cali Lilly bouquet, my daughters basket, Jessie and George! I can ' t begin to thank you enough for everything you did for us and how easy you made everything. I also must say you left a HUGE impression on Emma she loved you too - thank you for helping to include her- I appreciate that a ton! The Butterflies were so much fun!- even if they went in Emma's hair! heheh. George got a great shot of that! We will always remember our beautiful wedding day and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Also, George did an AMAZING job , I think the last time we looked we had over 100 people take a look at our photos on-line all with the same jaw dropping response "OH MY! your pictures are gorgeous!!" He was a lot of fun and also made things comfortable and relaxed. I can't wait to get our book!

If you ever need a referral send them my way! I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone who wants to truly enjoy their wedding with no worries!

Thank You Again, Mahalo, Sheryl & Matt Diehl

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold

Married: June 21, 2006

From: BC, Canada

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Aloha Leah!

I am sooo sorry for taking so long to thank you for such an amazing job you did on our wedding. We just had our big "reception" party, so I have been super busy planning for that since we got back from Maui, and to top it off our son has started walking now, so he's getting into everything and I haven't sat down since!!

Paul & I couldn't be happier with how our wedding turned out. You always hear the horror stories about things that go wrong on your wedding day, and I don't think people really believe me when I tell them that absolutely nothing went wrong for us!

George Wolf Dave Munn were fantastic. George told us that our wedding album would not be ready for us in time for our reception back home, which was disappointing, but completely understandable. Then, to my surprise, it was delivered to my house almost two weeks before our reception - I was thrilled! Not only do the pictures look amazing, but he obviously worked really hard to put it together in time for our reception. Dave also made sure we received our video in time for our reception, and he, too, did a fantastic job. I wouldn't change a thing about it. Not only did we have a great time in Maui, and a beautiful wedding day, but everyone involved in our wedding continued to put forth tremendous effort to make sure we were happy long after our wedding was over.

It has been such a wonderful experience working with you, Leah. Whenever I sent you a list of things I wanted, or wanted to change, you would actually send me the same list back, with notes beside each item, so I knew each thing would be taken care of. I felt very confident that our wedding would be perfect, and it was, thanks to you.

If I hear of anyone I know getting married in Maui, you can be sure I will be giving them your name with the highest of recommendations.

Thank you so much, Leah. You made our day perfect, and we will always treasure the memories.

I look forward to seeing you in the future when we renew our vows!

Paul & Alicia Arnold

Mr. & Mrs. Denton

Married: June 20, 2006

From: Washingotn, USA


We just wanted to thank you so much for putting together our wedding. It was more than we could have hoped for. We loved Reverend Jesse and we received many wonderful comments from our guests regarding his ceremony and his singing. The flowers were beautiful and we were so happy with the beach site! It really was a special day and we appreciate all that you did to make it happen.

Thanks! Cristy & Jason Denton

Mr. & Mrs. Brown

Married: June 16, 2006

From: California, USA


Hello from Fort Worth, Texas! Thank you for a job well done on your part. You did a great job! Thank you for your time.

Beverly Michael
(Mother Of The Bride)

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan

Married: June 4, 2006

From: Indiana, USA

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Thank you, Leah!

We sincerely appreciate everything that you did to make our wedding so AMAZING. It was simply unforgettable. I think that Mike and I are still glowing!!! ;-)

Take care, :-) Mindy

Mr. & Mrs. Fursse

Married: April 27, 2006

From: Missouri, USA

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Review From "Wedding Wire":

Working with Leah and Island Wedding Memories was a dream! They know the ins and outs of Maui and made everything so easy. I didn't have to worry about any of the details. You can't go wrong with Leah!

Mr. & Mrs. Radvansky

Married: January 5, 2006

From: Alberta, Canada

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HI Leah,

Jeremia and I just got back from South America, our extended honey moon and were so excited to see your letter, We love the CD thanks so much it was so thoughtful of you! We love listening to the music it reminds us so much of our perfect day! Thanks for making it all happen!

Take care, Anya and Jeremia

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