Testimonials 2011-2010

Mr. & Mrs. Dusselier 

Married: December 17, 2011

From: Saskatchewan, Canada

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With sincere appreciation and warmest thank you. Thank you so much for making our wedding day perfect! It could not have been better.

Lindsay & Ryan Dusselier


Dear Leah,

I don't suppose you receive very many letters from the mother of the groom ,but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank -you for coordinating such a beautiful day for Ryan and Lindsay, making their special day so memorable for them but also all of the guests whom attended. You have a special job which I am sure requires many long hours of work, but just think how many hours of enjoyment you are bringing to people in your quest to make their dreams come true on this, their wedding day. We will always treasure our time spent on Maui. It truly is paradise. We will remember with fondness the flawless warm days on the island as we come from a part of Canada (Saskatchewan), WHERE THE TEMPERATURE RIGHT NOW IS 30-35 Degrees below zero. To think that a mere month ago we were basking in the sun having the time of our lives. This was our first time in Maui but it wont be our last. We are in a Maui state of mind. Continued success in your family business.

Mahalo, Aloha, and All the Best!!!
Erin Dusselier (Mother Of The Groom)

Mr. & Mrs. Atencio

Married: November 5, 2011

From: New York, USA

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Aloha Leah!

Thank you so incredibly much for a wedding that was far beyond anything we could have imagined!! It was perfection! You of course were a dream coordinator, wow! You are a true wedding expert and professional! Olowalu Plantation Estate was a correct and absolutely perfect site for us. The people that you surround yourself were top notch too! We were impressed by everyone that you chose to work with you. The photographers, Robert and Mary from Olanani were fabulous! Dan the DJ was right on, the entire evening! (We loved that he has family, that is in the airline world too!) Levi and the bar setup were perfect, Lizzie, hair, makeup, food, the service staff etc....all just fantastic!! Each of them were extremely attentive, to us and all of our guests!

We have been getting lots of emails with pictures from November 5th from our friends and family! Everyone had a wonderful time! The night of the wedding, the days after and even yesterday....still getting told by many guests that it was, "The Best Wedding Ever!!!!!".  Thanks to YOU, Leah!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Jaime said he is still laughing about being chased around by you and the staff for the groom to eat his cake!!! I wish I could have seen that!!

Mahalo for everything!


Debbie & Jaime


Aloha!!! Happy New Year!!! We hope your holidays were wonderful!!! Jaime and I are great and still with HUGE smiles on our faces, as a result of an incredible wedding!!! We received so many compliments that it was, " The best wedding ever!", or our favorite from our world traveler friend Estelle, " It was the wedding of the century!" What a hoot the comments were, and we defer alllll compliments to you Leah!! We had nothing to do with it, by choice!! Thankfully you are a rockstar and ran with our, "designers choice" on everything!!!! LOL!
My sister Julie said to send you a hug! Robert and Mary's pics were spectacular, I mean.... Really amazing!!! Video... Wow, can't believe I was worried about spending money on it, we have watched it a zillion times!! Incredible!!

My parents, Jaime and I, and his patents, continue to smile when we see the pics and think about November 5th. You operate a top notch business, my dear! Truly dreamlike wedding week. When people ask me about it, two words always fly out of my mouth, magical and dreamy.

Happy 2012! Thank you for making 2011 the most incredible year ever!

Much Love,
Deb & Jaime


Review From "Wedding Wire":

Leah Robb and her company are dream to work with! Our wedding was stunning and dreamy due to her 100% fabulous coordination of absolutely everything! The professionalism and organizational skills in her wedding planning is amazing. On our wedding day I walked into the Olowalu Plantation House and my wedding gown was hanging and ready to go, hair and makeup artists arrived and the fun and relaxing preparations began... Thanks to Leah and her team. We asked her to surprise us with the flowers, my bouquet, the table design, and many other elements and we were thrilled the results. We recommend Island Wedding Memories for every detail of your big day, it will be a true pleasure planning your day.


Received on 11/5/12

Jaime and I are just sitting down with a bottle of champagne, to watch our wedding video from our amazing wedding from November 5, 2011! Thinking of you and so very grateful for the incredibly beautiful and super fun wedding!! Our 50 guests are still talking about how it was, "The best wedding EVER!!!"

Jaime and I hope you and your family are wonderful, thank you again...you're a true gem Leah!

Jaime & Debbie Atencio

Mr. & Mrs. Trump

Married: October 10, 2011

From: California, USA

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Hello...I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for our wedding...we had a wonderful time and everything was perfect. We completely enjoyed every part of our day and how easy it was. Thank you again.

Thank you,

Mr. & Mrs. Tuttle

Married: September 17, 2011

From: Washington, USA

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Thank you so much for making our wedding perfect in every way! It was incredible! Thank you for putting up with us during the process! You really made our day perfect & amazing! We cannot thank you enough! We are so happy we found YOU!

All of our love,
Jesse & Eli

Mr. & Mrs. Solarte

Married: September 9, 2011

From: Illinois, USA

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Dear Leah,

Carlos & I are back home now & I just wanted to thank you for making our wedding perfect. Everything was the way I had dreamed. We are so happy!

Thanks again...you are the best!
Mary Solarte :)

Mr. & Mrs. Corona

Married: August 13, 2011

From: Illinois, USA

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Hi Leah

Thank you for all your hard work and prep involved surrounding our wedding day! It was perfect for us and we had so much fun! :)


Mr. & Mrs. Sipos

Married: July 29, 2011

From: Washington, USA

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Hi Leah,

We received your CD yesterday and love all the songs on it. Thanks so much for such a thoughtful memento and for all your hard work. We had an amazing day and it was in large part due to all your hard work. We are happy to recommend you to any friends whoever decide to get married in paradise too! :) ...........Thanks again for all your work!




Just wanted to thank you for an incredible evening. I actually had one guest come up to me and say "I feel like I'm on a movie set - everything is so perfect". Everyone loved the food, the flowers, the lanterns - the whole thing was wonderful.

Janie Camm - (Mother Of The Bride)

Mr. & Mrs. Hankins

Married: July 27, 2011

From: Washington, USA

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Hi Leah

Thank you so much for a perfect day for me and Ben. Everything was great and we couldn't be happier!


Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

Married: July 2, 2011

From: California, USA

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Aloha, Leah!!!

Thank you so much for all of your work and assistance in planning our wedding! We had so much fun and your team was awesome! You made everything perfect and all we really had to do was show up!

Kaye and Frank

Mr. & Mrs. Manquero

Married: April 29, 2011

From: California, USA


Thank you so much for a perfect wedding. Everything was exactly like we envisioned it and you made every detail perfect from the first contact we had with you until the day of wedding we could not have asked for anything more wonderful. You were so helpful and always available if I had any questions and Ironwood Beach was absolutely beautiful. Words cannot express how delighted we were with everything and how perfect everything was.

We will always be grateful.

Tammy & Bob

Mr. & Mrs. O'Brian

Married: March 25, 2011

From: Illinois, USA

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Thank you Leah. Everything was absolutely fantastic! Loved Ironwood Beach, the bouquet was beautiful, and the Mahlers did a superb job! Would definitely recommend your services if you need a referral. And, of course... WE LOVED MAUI!!!

Linda O'Brian

Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins

Married: March 23, 2011

From: Washington, USA

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Aloha Leah,

When we began this whole process of planning a destination wedding, we did not have the slightest clue where to begin. We knew that we wanted to have it on the island of Maui but deciding on the location/venue, the minister, flowers, décor, photographer, and many other factors that are involved in planning a wedding started to become overwhelming. It was scary to do a destination wedding and make plans never having seen the place or venues. I have to say we had gotten real nervous wondering if the places will be nice enough, if the food would be good enough, and all the typical things that go through your head. Would my makeup be ok or the stylist really know how to do MY hair right but you always told me not to worry and that it would go fine and always managed to keep me calm when i was a mess. Even after the tsunami you still said the weather is fine and not to worry even if I read the weather reports and it said it would be not that great. So when it all came down to THE day you were RIGHT!!!

Thanks through the blessing of God we were referred to go to you and your wedding planning business by some friends of ours and let us say WOW!!! Your guidance through the whole process leading up to the day of the wedding was phenomenal. You were available when we needed your advice, the way you put certain situations in a different perspective, guiding us with whatever was going through our minds, and to many other issues and factors that lead to our dream wedding.

The day could not have been any better than what we have imagined. It was beautiful, sunny, hot, and the setting at Gannon’s just made it overflowing. We knew once we saw the grounds that we were so excited that we went with your recommendation. The venue was even more beautiful than we thought it would be the food was sooo delicious at Gannon's, and everything turned out amazing! It was absolutely breath-taking and the way the whole ceremony turned out it was a dream come true. It was so amazing that we did not want the day to end. It literally felt like we were the stars of the world based on the way how everything turned out for us and our party.

Leah, you picked the perfect location for us and at that time of year had recommended to stay in the south end because the weather would be better. I had never stayed down at that end and I have to say I LOVED IT!!! Thank you so much Leah for all the work you do at keeping us in our budget and getting our dream come true wedding and keeping the crazy bride as calm as you can!

Leah, you did a stunning and marvelous job planning our dream wedding that words cannot begin to describe the real feeling. We will definitely love to do business with you again sometime down the road when we come across the path of renewing our vowels. Also we will be honored to recommend future couples who are looking to get married on the island of Maui to go through you because of your hard work, dedication, and heart-warming attitude to planning their wedding. Thank you very much Leah from the Jenkins family and our party for making it such an exciting wedding.

Marrie & Jerell Jenkins

Mr. & Mrs. Kincaid

Married: February 22, 2011

From: Alaska, USA

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Aloha Leah,

Thanks again for everything that you have helped us with over the last several months! Everything was perfect on our wedding day!Tad and the videographer were stellar and pleasure to work with! The photos are looking perfect! Thanks for picking a great team to capture our wedding day. Deb really enjoyed the two ladies who did her hair and makeup. They were very professional and personable... The minister did an amazing job!! Everyone talked/commented on his ceremony all day! The Gannon's Reception was AMAZING!!! Everyone loved the food and service.... The location and setting were perfect ... Please thank everyone for the great job!! Our wedding day will never be forgotten!

Mahalo, Deb and Terry

Mr. & Mrs. Perreault 

Married: February 4, 2011

From: Alberta, Canada

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Aloha Leah,

Thank you again for everything you did for our Wedding, it was comforting to have someone to turn to when dealing with one of the busiest times in our lives.

I hope this email finds you well, talk to you later.

-Katrina Perreault

Mr. & Mrs. Daniels

Married: January 22, 2011

From: Oregon, USA

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Dear Robb Family,

Nathan & I have a million thank you’s to offer. Leah, I don’t know where to begin besides giving the biggest thanks possible. You really went above and beyond to make our wedding beautiful & stress free. Thank you for working with me, hopefully I wasn’t difficult :) Thank you for your patience & kindness throughout the process. You made it beautiful & unforgettable!!! You really are a beautiful person inside & out! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.

Sincerely, Nathan & Brittany Daniels

Mr. & Mrs. Perry

Married: January 13, 2011

From: London, England

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Aloha Leah,

We have just returned back from our Honeymoon and have been reflecting on what a wonderful job that you did for us on our Wedding Day. From beginning to end you have been patient, passionate, encouraging and just brilliant! The day worked out so perfectly for us and we know that everyone enjoyed the day immensely! The flowers were absolutely gorgeous, everything matching so brilliantly with our wedding colours. We just wanted to take the flowers back home with us, they were just so lovely! The wedding arch, the scattered petals, the tent, the food, the cake, the entertainment were just so perfect, you did such an amazing job, and we can’t thank you enough for making our wedding day both enjoyable and so memorable for us and our families for many many years to come!!

Thank you so much Leah! We and our families wish you and your family all the very best. May you always be happy, healthy and prosperous!

All Our Love,
Julia & Ben Perry


Dear Leah,

I was one bridesmaids in Julia’s & Ben’s wedding on 13th of January 2011.

I was thinking about the wedding and the time in Maui and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for making the day for Julia, Ben and their guests extra special. We all had a such beautiful day and wonderful time while we were over there. I also loved chatting with you when we had the opportunity and learning about the island and its customs. I often mention your kindness and hospitability to my friends and family when I talk about the wedding. Everyone was just so great and kind and welcomed us with open arms and what better way to visit a foreign country and have the memories of not just the country but the people who have crossed our paths (which I hope cross again at some point in the future). I wish you all the best from all my heart and once again many thanks for being so lovely.

Kind regards Olya

Mr. & Mrs. Ulatowski

Married: January 11, 2011

From: New Jersey, USA

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Dear Leah & All Involved In Our Wedding,

We just wanted to express our gratitude for all of your help in making sure our wedding took place “decently and by arrangement”. (1Cor 14:40) The music was beautiful, the food was awesome, and the drinks were just right. All of our guests were extremely pleased with the service. Thank you so much! We you had as much fun as we did.

Carl & Simone

Mr. & Mrs. Barnhorst

Married: December 29, 2010

From: Oregon, USA

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I want to thank you for helping us to arrange a simple, elegant wedding for Dana and Drew. With your help Dana had the wedding she dreamed of and I could enjoy the festivity also. The flowers were gorgeous and we are still enjoying them. The officiate was marvelous and really gave meaning to the wedding ceremony. We all were touched by his words. I am anxious to see the pictures because the scene was just wonderful. I am glad we chose Gannon's because we had a great time and the food was to die for.

All of your recommendations were spot on and I can't thank you enough for helping us to make this a memorable trip. I realize you work with much bigger budget wedding but you really helped to make our simple family wedding superb.

Diane (Mother Of The Bride)

Mr. & Mrs. Moe

Married: December 4, 2010

From: Maryland, USA

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Thank you for all your hard work. Without you, Milly and I could not have had a more perfect wedding. We will always remember you with love and affection.

Mahalo and Aloha,
Kevin & Milly Moe

Mr. & Mrs. Cortes

Married: November 19, 2010

From: Idaho, USA

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We can't say enough "thank you's" for all that you have done for us! We appreciate all of your hard work in such a quick and timely manner in getting our wedding put together in only a few days. These are memories that we will cherish forever and this couldn't have been possible without you. The limo and driver were great, my hair was beautiful, the photographer did an amazing job, the pastor was very kind, the cake was absolutely delicious.

I wish you the best and thank you, again, for putting this altogether so quickly. Sincerely,
Natalie and Jorge Cortes

Mr. & Mrs. Swailes

Married: September 30, 2010

From: California, USA

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Words cant say how truly grateful we are that we found you! You have made this whole process so easy & enjoyable for us, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What a great way to start our new life…in beautiful Maui!!!

Love Always,
Katie & Trevor Swailes


Hi Leah,

Leah, you were AMAZING!!! Any bride would be lucky to have you as their wedding planner. You are great at what you do. They are clients of my sister's. I recommended Olowalu as well...because...that was just the most beautiful setting and Trevor, myself, and our guests had such a memorable night, we all still talk about it...and how much we miss Maui...we just love you and think you are great!!!

Did you ever see our wedding pics from our photographer??? They were INCREDIBLE!!! Your beautiful little touches MADE my pictures, I'm going to email a few to you...I think you should update your website and put them in...because they just captured your craftiness and attention to detail and color...just sayin'

Anyways, thank you for everything...I will always have good things to tell others about your business.

Katie Swailes

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholls

Married: September 13, 2010

From: England

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Aloha Leah

Many thanks for your CD. It brought back warm memories especially since it is below freezing here and covered in snow.

Thanks once again for making our wedding day so memorable.

Joyce and Chris

Mr. & Mrs. Lavu

Married: September 9, 2010

From: NSW, Australia

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Dear Leah,

Thank you for a fantastic job on organizing our wedding. We really enjoyed working with you and were really impressed with your attitude and professionalism. And of course, we were really impressed with the results. The day was a huge success, thanks to all the work you did. It allowed us to relax and just enjoy it. And everything went so smoothly. We LOVED the bouquets and flower table arrangements. They were beyond amazing!! Thank you so much for the CD of our wedding music. It is a great gift!! It brought back memories of the day. We will forever cherish it. We would be happy to be references on your website and comment on how happy we were with your service. Wishing you happy holidays.

With Love,
Monika & Sai

Mr. & Mrs. Kelley

Married: August 12, 2010

From: Tennessee, USA

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Thank you for everything you did for our wedding. The wedding felt so perfect and was everything we wanted it to be. Thank you for being so great to work with and being part of our special day.

Take care, Mike and Jen Kelley

P.S. – We received the CD you sent us last week. What a great surprise! Thank you!

Mr. & Mrs. Fraser

Married: July 12, 2010

From: California, USA

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Thank you Leah for such a great wedding!!! It was just wonderful. The minister was fun, the guitar guy was cool!! Yah, thank you!!

Cathy and Ron Fraser...



Thank you for the beautiful cd! That was a nice surprise and Ron and I enjoyed re-living our special day in Maui. We are still amazed at how wonderful the whole experience was! Thank you!

Cathy & Ron

Mr. & Mrs. Cruz

Married: May 29, 2010

From: California, USA

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Dearest Leah,

It's been over 5 months since our wedding in Maui and there is never a time when we don't reminisce of our special day. We will forever be grateful for your remarkable work! From our spectacular ceremony site at Mokapu Beach, to our breathtaking views from Gannon’s, to the stunning floral arrangements, to Kimo our easy-going and enjoyable officiate, to the soothing voice of our guitarist Jamie Lawrence, and our wonderful DJ, Dan. There are not enough words to convey how truly exceptional we felt on our wedding day because of YOU. You are definitely talented! You made the process of wedding planning from miles away less stressful and comforting, especially when my “freak-out” moments took the best of me. Continue doing the amazing work you do.

Cheryl and Tino Cruz

PS. Thank you for our wedding CD. It will be treasured forever…

Mr. & Mrs. Showers

Married: May 27, 2010

From: Australia / Canada

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Dearest Leah,

How do I even begin to thank you for the absolutely perfect wedding day you created for my husband and I? It is a scary thing to decide to get married in a foreign place that is completely unfamiliar and even scarier to put your trust into someone you don't know to help you plan it.

There are hundreds of wedding planners out there on the internet and it can be overwhelming to try and choose one but what really drew us to you was your honesty. Your website had tons of testimonials from past couples and that showed us you had nothing to hide, you do good work! Then, when I called you on the phone for the first time, you spent a good hour speaking to me and I felt like I was chatting away to one of my girlfriends, it just felt easy and from then, I knew you were the right choice.

You made the process easy, guiding us when necessary and fighting for us when needed. Most importantly though, you brought our vision to life and we will forever be thankful to you for that. As you know, a girl's wedding day is a major event in her life and after I met my husband, I spent months and months imagining what it would be like, right down to the tiniest detail. All of my expectations were exceeded when it finally happened! It was exactly as I had dreamed and more! Not only was it beautiful but it was one of the most stress-free days of my life! I knew I didn't have to worry about a thing because I knew you were there and you would handle everything. That left me with the opportunity to just sit back and relax and enjoy the best day of my life...and I did!

So, thank you Leah, from the bottom our hearts. You do amazing work and anyone who chooses you as their planner will be lucky to have you! We will always remember you! Thanks again!!

Lindsay & Tristan Showers

Mr. & Mrs. Melzmuff

Married: May 9, 2010

From: Germany

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Dear Leah,

This is just to inform you, that there is a parcel on its way to you. I sent it on December 9th and hope it will arrive before Christmas.

I apologize for not having contacted at an earlier time. But I kept thinking of you and did not forget you.

I hope you and your family is well and enjoying the Hawaiian weather. At present in Germany we have loads of snow. Trevor would love it. As for me, I like winter with snow better than without. Snow makes the world look clean and peaceful.

I like to thank you for your perfect organization of our wedding. We could not have found someone better than you. Thanks.

Have a nice Christmas Season. Aloha and Mahalo,

Mr. & Mrs. Christianson

Married: April 8, 2010

From: Ontario, Canada

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Hi Leah,

Chris and I were very happy with the wedding. Kimo was fantastic! Jamie Lawrence was great! The flowers were absolutely amazing (exactly what I wanted...like you are a mind reader because I don't feel I gave you much information to work with). We loved the location of the wedding with the rocks and the waves in the background. I saw some of the pictures that our friends and families had taken and they look wonderful. Our limo driver was also amazing. He was so kind, considerate and hospitable. The girls really enjoyed the limo transportation from the hotel to the ceremony location. He was even nice enough to take some pictures of all of us with my sister's camera. It was a lot of fun...just what we wanted!

I also wanted to tell you that working with the lovely lady at the Marriage License place was fantastic. (I apologize, because I can't remember her name right now). She has a wonderful spirit and a true gift for working with people who may be a bit on the nervous side as their big day approaches. She was so informative, and made us feel right at home in her office. Please relay the message that Chris and I really appreciated all her help with documentation, information about places to see and eat while staying in Maui, her kind smiles and her very enthusiastic, positive attitude. It was an absolute treat working with her!

At last but certainly not least, thank you for making our day very very special. There were a couple of times when my mother would ask me questions like "when does your bouquet arrive", "how will we know where to meet you" and I would panic for one second and then say " Leah will tell us when we get there, don't worry about it".... And I was right! Even when I forgot to tell you we had people standing up for us, you just fixed it! (and I sincerely apologize for that!) Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our day was perfect, and it was a pleasure working with you. Because of you, I was able to just enjoy getting married without the worries and the stress, which means alot.

Again, Thank you so much for planning our wedding. We are very grateful and we had an amazing time!

Mrs. Marla Christianson!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Cornfeind

Married: January 5, 2010

From: Oregon, USA

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Hi Leah,

Just wanted to let you know Drew and I are celebrating our 3rd Wedding Anniversary today. Remember that day like it was yesterday. Thank you for making it so special for us. Hope all is well with you!

Peggy Kornfeind

Emailed to us on 1/5/2013

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