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“I was a terrible host – I danced all night and was doe-eyed” – Leah

A huge congratulations to our own Leah and Judah Robb! They are celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary on October 7! The two of them have contributed so much to the beginning of many lovely marriages, so we’d like to celebrate such an amazing accomplishment by featuring them as our Maui Wedding of the Week.

Their Story

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii was always an amazing location to Leah: meaning sun and golden tans. Something the Northwest rarely sees outside of a tanning bed! A great friend of hers had a friend visiting from Maui. Leah, always the planner that she is, wanted to help out and throw a party for the visitor, who turned out to be Judah! The two of them really hit it off, danced all night and were smitten. As it turned out, this party would be their first date.

Before meeting Judah in January of 1995 Leah had scheduled a girls trip out to visit Maui in March. After dating long distance for a month, she knew Judah was the one! Once she arrived on Maui she sold her return ticket and made Maui her new home. They were engaged May 1st at the Grand Wailea Resort, and then married October 7th the same year.


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