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We offer the services of officiates to perform your ceremony, from judges, reverends to traditional Hawaiian ministers.

Preferred Officates

Here is a comprehensive list of the officiates we have been working with for several years, however this officiates list is non exhaustive and we will be adding more on a regular basis.

Kale Ka’alekahi

I have traveled most of my life to foreign countries and to different states of the US, but Hawaii has always been my home. I am of Native Hawaiian descent and my family is from Moloka’i, Hawai’i, but because I had traveled so much growing up I assimilated myself with the host culture of that particular place. So, as I grew older I had a strong desire to learn more about myself and what it means to be Hawaiian. When I came back to Hawai’i I immersed myself in the learning of my own culture. As time passed I began to progress in a few of the arts of my people such as hula (dance), mele (song), oli (chant), and various other na mea o Hawai’i.

All of my life experience and my passions have set me on a path to share my culture with others and to become a person that is in balance with the world. As I progress forward in my life’s’ journey I take with me the teachings of my people, remembering that we must look to the past so that we can face the future. I continue to learn and progress myself as a Native Hawaiian and most importantly as a human being of this Earth.

With love and respect,

James Kimo Kirkman

James Kimo Kirkman’s family is originally from Scotland, his last name comes from “Churchman” which means “people of the church”. He has lived all over the world in Germany, Korea, Japan just to name a few. But he truly has found and feels at home on Maui.

He moved to this beautiful place in 2002 when he met Pastor Laki Kaahumanu who married him. At that moment he felt a very strong calling to work with Laki. He stayed on Maui and has been following the Lord ever since. Kimo is now an Associate Pastor at the Harvest Chapel, Church of God, serving under Pastor Laki Kaahumanu.

He feels very blessed to be a part of each couples special day and shares the Aloha spirit with everyone. His relaxed, happy and Hawaiian style will make you feel very comfortable and taken care of.

Adam Gomes

Adam C. Gomes was born & raised on the island of Maui. He is married to his wife of 35 years and had 2 daughters; both married and are blessed with 3 granddaughters that are the joy of his life. The first 2 are twins!

Adam finds so much joy when he has an opportunity to bring two lives together as one in marriage. He has performed numerous weddings and still find that each one is special and holds dear in heart. He believes that marriage is the beginning of two people in love, sharing one common bond, commitment.

Tino Rosete

Born and raised on the beautiful Island of Maui, Rev. Valentine (Tino) Rosete truly represents the spirit of Aloha. Having been ordained through New Passion Ministries and having been a dedicated family man for many years, has built his life upon a foundation of love and devotion that is matched only by his commitment to providing the most heart-felt wedding ceremonies.

Whether presiding over a large ceremony or simply joining a couple in matrimony on a secluded beach, Tino approaches every interaction with the individual attention and respect that it deserves. And though he’s married hundreds of happy couples with his Non-Denominational Christian ceremonies, he continues to treat every new ceremony as a new chance to pour his sincerity and passion into every word he speaks.

Tino feels truly blessed to do what he does, and he derives no greater pleasure than in the sharing of his faith and his Aloha spirit.


I was born in Hawaii on the island of Oahu on January 26,1948. I was raised in Kailua Oahu attending Damien Memorial High School. Graduated in 1966 and moved to Maui in 1968. I have lived here ever since. My mother is from Wailuku Maui and we would spend vacations and summers on Maui, listening to my grandfather (tutu Kane) and grandmother (tutu Wahine) tell the beautiful stories of Maui. This nurtured my love for Maui and was one of the major forces that contributed in my decision to make Maui my home.

My family is well known in the community for their contributions as composers, hula instructors and singers of Hawaiian music.

I have been a musician singing at the various hotels and restaurants, taking time to travel to Canada and the mainland sharing and performing hula shows for the Maui Visitors Bureau. I play the guitar and ukulele and enjoy singing, especially Hawaiian music.

I currently have a hula show at the Kaanapali Shores every Monday, doing Hawaiian dances, chants and Tahitian. I also perform Mondays and Tuesdays at the Hula Grill in Kaanapali.

I have been a minister on Maui since 1998 and am so blessed to be a part of wedding celebrations.



Officiates frequently asked questions

Can I choose what minister or officiate I want for my wedding?

Yes, we have several we work closely with and highly recommend.

Can I write my own vows?

Yes, absolutely!

What kind of ceremonies do the ministers and officiates perform?

Our ministers and officiates are non-denominational offering both religious as well as non-religious ceremonies. Contact me for a copy of the ceremony of the minister or officiate you are interested in.

If I have my own minister or officiate I want to bring with me, do they have to be licensed by the state of Hawaii?

Yes, absolutely!

If you would like to bring your own minister or officiate from out of the State of Hawaii to perform your ceremony, HE/SHE MUST BE LICENSED BY THE STATE OF HAWAII. I cant stress this enough. Even if he/she is licensed to perform weddings in your area, they are NOT able to perform weddings here without a STATE OF HAWAII license. Even if they swear up and down to you that their local government says they can and it’s OK……THEY CAN’T.

I noticed that most of the ministers and officiates where either traditional Hawaiian garb or religious clothing. Can we request that they wear standard clothing?

Yes, they will gladly wear standard attire for your wedding if you request it.

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